Summer Exhibition

I was at the Summer Exhibition again yesterday with a friend who had never been before. I love introducing new people – it’s so much fun hearing what they have to say – and I think it’s great that people are now able to take photographs freely as a reminder of their visit. I remember when I was first in the Summer Exhibition that it was strictly forbidden and I had to get special permission from security to have a photograph taken of myself beside my work because my parents were unable to visit the show. I hasten to add that security were very understanding and obliging.



The edition of my linocut The Dancer, on show in the Summer Exhibition at the RA, sold out just a few days after the show opened – in fact most orders were taken during the Private Views. People ask me if I wish I had opted for a bigger print run so that I could sell more but I think a limited edition should be reasonably limited and I am happy to sell out and move on – but it’s a good image and I always planned to do another version of The Dancer one day – perhaps just in another colour or perhaps doing something different with the right hand panel…I’m still thinking about that one.

The Dancer (black)