Third time lucky?

I’m going through an experimental phase at the moment trying out new subjects, sizes, and colours, and it doesn’t always go smoothly. I’m on the third version of an engraving of a head (a new thing for me so I’m less sure of my footing) and hoping this one will make it as far as the Albion! I started out thinking I would like to make a smaller engraving than usual – my nudes are usually either 6 x 6 inches or 6 x 8 inches – but then wasn’t happy with the size so abandoned that block. Then I started a bigger version but decided I wasn’t happy with a couple of the lines and eventually abandoned that one too. If it’s not right it’s just not right. Version three is further along but there’s still plenty to do before I try a proof – I hate to go back to an engraving after the block has been inked up – it is so much harder to judge the lines; I generally work on the basis of getting it right first time. I can only think of one block that I binned after proofing, and truth be told, I probably knew that that one was rubbish beforehand. My current struggle is all the more frustrating when the design probably took me about two minutes to draw – mind you, that was also unusual!

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