I don’t consider myself a big colour person. I’ve always loved my rubine red—and black is a classic, obviously—but my choice of colours for printing has changed recently. Of late I have been obsessed with oranges and yellows—the brighter the better. I can’t decide if this is an age thing or not. Is it a passing fad? There’s a really bright acid yellow I’m itching to try but I haven’t found the right design yet; I hope it’s only a matter of time. Imagine something ten times brighter than this and you’ll get the general idea…

Turner yellow crop 2


Editioning Bliss

Light fell across the block from the one little window in the workshop in a way which seemed very appropriate yesterday. It’s always a joy to see the prints lining up to dry. I remember the first edition Richard ever printed for me which was pegged on the washing line to dry—I wish I had a photograph of that!

For the more observant reader you may have noticed that Bliss is being editioned on the Vandercook rather than the Albion.

Bliss on the press web Bliss edition web